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Poetry Contest Results!

End date: June 30, 2011.

Thanks to all our participants!

1st Prize:   $200
2nd Prize:   $100
3rd Prize:   $65
4th Prize:   $40 


"An Ode to the Evening"       
by Kevin Klump, Anchorage, Alaska

The cloak of night cools the darkening air,
Refreshing the tired, repairing the wear.
Oh hear the evenin' breeze a whistlin',
Reclaiming the day from that heat a blisterin'.

Renewing the senses that were far off a roamin',
Guiding them to where they might find a home in.
Oh hear the leaves with the breeze a flowin',
Healing the scars that the daylight was showin'.

Oh cool night might that I may find some healin'
To the day's weariness that I'm now a feelin'.
Oh thanks to the evenin' that my soul finds repose in;
Oh thanks to that peace brought by the hour of closin'.

The quiet twilight my thoughts restorin',
Oh peace that answers my mind implorin'.
Oh moon with hope for the morrow a bringin',
Oh sky with breath of calm a singin'.

'Tis grace which with the night speaks its greetin',
More sweet than e'er for its life's a fleetin'.
Oh night whose bonjour and adieu are in one a spokin',
Oh peace remain for the sun's not awoken.

Overlooked and passed for the treasure of the day,
I welcome thy peace, please, for a moment stay.
For 'tis evening which quells the day's many sorrows,
And prepares us for all those future tomorrows!


"Use Me"       
by Tara Butler, Milesburg, Penn.

To whom do I owe the gratitude of this day,
Which shall pass by swiftly with no delay;
That I shall grasp each opportunity to live
The most passionate life I can possibly give?

To my Creator I am in debt to His grace,
Which allows me to share His love in this place,
And immerse myself in a river so deep
Of living waters that brings me peace.

I shall take hold of that to which I am called,
To share what I have with a fallen world;
To step out on faith and leap from the heights,
And grasp something unseen with all of my might,

So they may know the depth of his love;
The chains that bind them they shall be free of.
How I wish to be a tool in this grand plan,
That mine hands might become Thine hands.


"Nature's Band"       
by Deborah Robinson, Gainesville, Florida

I don't know when the Crickets stopped,
Nor when the birds began;
For I was lost amidst my thoughts,
And sounds of Nature's band.

The wind blew gently on the trees,
And rustling leaves chimed in.
The crickets came back in on time
And played their parts again.

The clouds stood still in reverence,
Of such a lovely blend --
And when the trees all took their bow,
They whispered down, "Amen".

But there was not another soul,
No woman there, nor man;
To agree with me in silent prayer,
The awe of Nature's band.

The sun proffered stage lights,
For the Greatest Show on Earth,
And set the skies a crystal hue,
Like babies' eyes at birth.

But there was not another soul,
No woman there, nor man;
And I was blessed as honored guest,
Front stage at Nature's band.


"De Anima"        
by Wilson T. Dolaghan, Ashland, Oregon

On a desert night, both calm and warm
Left dry and arid by the absent storm
The desert insects all did sing
Unaware of anything

Their tiny minds conceived the notes
But past them all man's knowledge floats.
Unaware of the billion stars
As they were crushed by passing cars

Snakes and lizards all around
Examine nothing but the ground.
Not one has stopped to wonder why
Some may live and some may die.

Not one coyote has ever asked
Of what has happened in the past.
And not one hare has yet sought
For any knowledge to be taught.

So it is not strange in the least
To feel indifferent to each beast,
But of all men, to our shame,
God himself must feel the same .

Honorable mention:

"Long Distance Love"        
by Amber Zhai, Chino, Calif.

"Fluzzleland "        
by Joe Messina, Westport, Conn.

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