Cleveland SOHO Media

Short Story Contest Results!

End date: March 31, 2011.

Thanks to all our participants!

1st Prize:   $300
2nd Prize:   $175
3rd Prize:   $100
4th Prize:   $75
5th Prize:   $40

(Click on title to read)

1.Shannon Dickey, "Attempted Living"

2.Allen Leonard,"The Witchy Witch of Rolling Oaks Farm"

3.Christina Chowaniec, "The Things That Remain"

4.Brittany Robinson, "Untouched"

5.Emily Smith, "A Promising Young Man"

Honorable Mention:
Lindsey Weir, "Fighting for Love"
Wesley T. Hirons, "Race to the Santiam Lily" 
Mikayla Kamm, "Abort"
Katie Holmes, "The Wedding Shoes of Elie Weissman"
Mackenzie Sothers, "The Willow Tree"


Irene Dipty
Aldric Seeyouma      

Mikayla Kamm 

Cathy Munson 

Debra Blank 
Brittany Robinson
Isabel Cohen
Robert Holthouse
Randall Hilditch 

Megan Phillipy 

Kathryn Nelsen
Helen Holt
Leslie McLauthlin 
Tammie Sims
Rebecca Conway
Sherri Tidwell
Martin Nelson
Oliver Eggert
Vincent Ruggio 

Kaitlyn Valdez
Thomas Robinette 

Ray Tice
Joe Dornich
Zane Alejandro Plemmons Rosales
Alex Kulbel
Jamie Purdum
Timothy Noonan
Esther Eder

Allen Leonard 

Nick Sager
Chris Waters 

Brandon Davis 
Joy Sandon 

Mackenzie Sothers 
Jennifer Norton
R. Diana Rouse
Paula Kelly
Sharon Perkins
Howard Gordon
David Kirkwood
Robert Graves
Katherine Cannizzo
Jia Tolentino

Kendall Sharpe 

Philip Harris 

Karen L. Kirsch 

Patrick G Esposito 

Karen Byrd 

Danielle Abbatiello 

Andy Harrison 

Maria Sauerbrei 

Melissa Weissberg 

Emily Smith 

Lindsey Weir 

Emily Pfoutz

Ariel Hall 

Wesley T. Hirons 

Katie Holmes 

Josh Pray 

Ryan Lesch

Matthew Erman 

Ian Jones 

Stevan Jasiunas 

Michael West 

Mike Calahan 

Nicole LaSala 

Autumn Eldridge  

Tony Angelo 

Christina Chowaniec 

Jennifer Tobkin 

Shannon Dickey 

Lauren Cadish 

Alexandra Bonifield